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Jan 03, 2021. Posted by Maria Iacobo

Visionary astronautics researcher, explorer, and expert on human adaptation to space will lead the Institute’s world-renowned research center.

Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office

Dava Newman SM ’89, SM ’89, PhD ’92, an MIT professor of aeronautics and astronautics whose groundbreaking work has advanced human performance in space with the goal of interplanetary reach, has been named the new director of the MIT Media Lab, effective July 1, 2021.

Nov 30, 2020. Posted by Maria Iacobo

The MIT School of Architecture and Planning's 2020 Infinite Mile Award Winners: (top row, l-r): Ruth Tse Yiu, Jim Harrington, Andrea Porras; (middle row, l-r) Graham Yeager, Kevin McLellan, Thera Webb; (bottom row, l-r) Marissa Friedman, John Steiner, Chelsea Polk.

"As one can imagine, it’s never easy to herd eight MIT professors,” according to one of many accolades for Ruth Tse Yiu’s work in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning. “She is a very organized, proactive, dependable, thorough, and take-charge person … known for digging deep to find answers to complicated questions.”

Nov 23, 2020. Posted by Maria Iacobo

Siqi Zheng and Kairos Shen to emphasize innovative research and interdisciplinary connections for global impact.

Nov 04, 2020. Posted by Maria Iacobo

Ani Lie SM '17 

By Alison F. Takemura PhD'15

Let’s say, at the start of the video game, you opt to play as a circle. 

Your character’s shape is important, but it’s not immediately clear why. Artist Ani Liu SM ’17 has designed it that way. You do know that your objective is to ascend the professional ladder from lowly intern to exalted CEO. But, as in life, some have it easier than others. You’ll see when you play. 

Nov 03, 2020. Posted by Maria Iacobo

By Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology

Studying usage in Singapore, MIT and SMART researchers find scooter rentals allow for increased sharing frequency and fewer vehicles needed.

Aug 13, 2020. Posted by Maria Iacobo

Dayna Cunningham 

Community Innovators Lab will provide hands-on, field-based training to students seeking to address the underlying causes of urban crisis.