The DUSP Fund for Excellence in Public Service

As tuition expenses rise across the nation, graduates of the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning bear the burden of increasing student loans in order to make meaningful and lasting contributions to society through their chosen professions. The Excellence in Public Service Awards recognize outstanding public service achievements by DUSP graduates. These awards aim to encourage and inspire the pursuit of public service careers, providing a financial award of up to $10,000 to offset debt incurred by pursuing their graduate degree at MIT. Help us expand the DUSP Awards for Excellent in Public Service with a contribution today.

Every gift made through April 30, 2018 will be matched dollar for dollar, click here to contribute today.

About the Award

The high cost of completing an MIT MCP degree is a critical challenge for DUSP and its students. The purpose of the Excellence in Public Service Awards is not just to reward outstanding public service careers, but also to help DUSP continue to attract the brightest and best students to its unique planning program. Thirty-two alumni have received awards over the last fifteen years.

Awards are made based on the graduate’s specific achievements in public service in four demonstrated areas:

  • A prominent role in the design and execution of a cited project /program
  • Successful implementation or substantial progress toward a cited goal
  • Overcoming difficulty, such as limited resources, prior history of planning failure, or focus on a low-income area
  • Making an impact that improves the well-being of a place or community-of-interest

Praise for Past Recipients

Past recipients of the Excellence in Public Service Awards have designed and led projects in environmental policy, community leadership, arts and culture, and urban planning from Alberta to the Bahamas. Here’s what recommenders have had to say about the work of past winners:

“. . . managing the processes of interagency regulations, ownership, habit, legal entanglements, turf, public encroachment, private fiefdoms is a daunting challenge and Carrie [Grassi, MCP 2006] has carried it off with an extraordinary combination of relentless project management focus and seemingly effortless diplomatic skill.”

- Eloise Hirsh, Freshkills Park Administrator, New York, NY

“. . . Nathan [Lemphers, MCP 2009] has had a strong impact on how oil sands operations are reclaimed, a legacy that will continue for many years to come…Based on my personal observations you should feel confident that he is upholding the high standards of excellence expected of an MIT DUSP graduate.”

- Roger Ramcharita, Director, Policy Division Clean Energy Branch, Government of Alberta, Calgary