MIT in China: Summer 2017

This summer, MIT professors, students, and staff are traveling across Greater China to teach, learn from, and work with Chinese counterparts on a variety of projects.

Numerous teams are associated with the MIT School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P) and the MIT International Science and Technology Initiative (MISTI). Founded in 1983 by faculty of the MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS) and based in the SHASS Center for International Studies, MISTI gives students the tools to make a difference in the world by matching them with tailored, hands-on projects across the globe. 

To highlight their efforts, SA+P and MISTI have partnered to create an online map showcasing our many teams and projects taking place throughout Greater China—and there is a lot to share this summer. From education to innovation, MIT individuals and teams are tackling urgent challenges and working with Chinese colleagues to make a better world. 

>> View the #MITChina Summer 2017 map

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SA+P Projects in China, Summer 2017

The MIT Samuel Tak Lee Real Estate Entrepreneurship Lab is partnering with MISTI, The Department of Urban Studies and Planning, and the MIT Center for Real Estate on the STL-MISTI China Socially Responsible Real Estate Entrepreneurship Summer Workshop, a series of two-week summer workshops with Chinese universities and high schools on topics of socially responsible real estate entrepreneurship and urban development.

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MISTI Projects in China, Summer 2017

The MISTI program matches MIT students with tailored internship, research and teaching opportunities abroad; facilitates international faculty collaborations, and develops partnerships with leading companies, research institutes and universities around the world. The MISTI China program and Taiwan Initiative integrates student coursework on China and the Chinese language with hands-on applications in industry, research, and educational technology across China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Specific initiatives include:

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