SA+P Alumni in the Media: Week of Apr. 2

Garment factories, palm oil suppliers mapped for end-to-end traceability
Media Lab spinoff Sourcemap from alumnus Leonardo Bonanni MArch '03, SM '05 (MAS), PD '10, PhD '10 (MAS) is taking on the challenge of tracking supply chains for clothing and palm oil, two of the world's most difficult-to-track industries. Learn more.

With new wildlife sanctuary in Plymouth, nature regains 480 acres
The story of why that didn't happen starts with Evan Schulman and his wife, Glorianna Davenport. Schulman, a financial service entrepreneur, and Davenport, a cofounder of MIT's Media Lab, bought what is now the sanctuary land in the early 1980s, when it was a well-worn cranberry bog. Boston Globe.

Innovation in design education
DUSP alumni Matthew Claudel MCP '16 and Anthony Vanky SMArchS '11, PhD '17 detail the method and pedagogy behind the DesignX’s innovative approach to design education. Slice of MIT.

Using IoT to create alternatives to cars in cities
Phil Tinn MCP ’15 from the MIT Media Lab’s City Science Group spoke at the recent “Global Trends in Connected Cars” forum at Taipei’s Smart City Summit & Expo. Tinn introduced the group’s latest research project in response to vehicle pollution and the growing trend of car-less cities. Taiwan News.

AI researchers embrace Bitcoin technology to share medical data
Media Lab Viral Communications group head Andy Lippman '71, SM '77 explains how using blockchain to secure and share decentralized medical information “could be a model of data-identity control.” Nature.

The Cambridge Analytica data apocalypse was predicted in 2007
In the early 2000s, Alex Pentland PhD ’82 was running the wearable computing group at the MIT Media Lab—the place where the ideas behind augmented reality and Fitbit-style fitness trackers got their start. Back then, it was still mostly folks wearing computers in satchels and cameras on their heads. Pentland discusses how data science predicted the inevitability of the Cambridge Analytica situation. WIRED.

2018 Canada Gairdner International Award
MIT Media Lab's Ed Boyden '99, MNG '99 has been honored with a 2018 Gairdner Award for his role in the discovery of light-gated ion channels and optogenetics, a technology to control brain activity with light. MIT News.