SA+P Alumni in the Media: Week of August 20

Priyanka Shah wins Lawrence B. Anderson Award
Architecture and DUSP alumna Priyanka Shah SMArchS, MCP '08 has received the 2017 Lawrence B. Anderson Award for her research proposal, "The Architecture of the Deal: Excavating forces behind architectural form in the largest urban projects in New York and Paris.” The award will support Shah’s site-specific research. Learn more.

Vision in Art and Neuroscience
This fall, ACT alum Seth Riskin SM ’89 will lead a new MIT course focused on perception as an act of creation. The course will explore the neural and computational mechanisms of vision and their parallel manifestations in visual art. Students will develop and learn to use new tools and methods in the arts and build installations which enable the physical experience of different levels of the hierarchy of visual processing. Learn more.

Aiming to be the top aerial data analytics service for construction firms
AirWorks, from this year's DesignX cohort, is a Cambridge, MA-based data analytics startup that automates the processing of 20 million points of data from drone images to help decision-makers at land development and construction make sense of their aerial data. The team features Media Lab alumna Mia Petkova SM '16 (MAS) and Architecture alumna Nourhan Bayomi SMBT ’17. Read a profile about the start-up and founders David Morczinek MBA '18 and Adam Kernowski. Forbes

A journey into the mind of Dan Novy
On the Experience Perception podcast, Media Lab PhD candidate Dan Novy SM ’13 (MAS) discusses his origins in theater, his Hollywood FX days, and the classes he teaches at the Lab: "Science Fiction-Inspired Prototyping" and "Indistinguishable From Magic." The Perception Podcast.

DUSP’s new SCC Alumni Network
The DUSP Students of Color Committee (SCC) Alum Network, recently hosted a 'Welcome to New York' happy hour and networking event. The event aimed to create geographic specific, cross-generational opportunities for alumni, with attendance ranging from current MIT graduate students to alumni who graduated in the early 80s. Learn more

SOAPBOX features lectures on Brutalism
Archinect presents a series of videos on Brutalist Architecture featuring HTC alum Michael Kubo PhD ’18. Archinect.

Wayfinding a Planner’s Professional Practice
DUSP alum Reed Jorden MCP ’18 reflects on developing a Personal Theory of Practice. CoLab Radio

ACT alumna has solo show at UMFA
“Mirror | Mask,” a new solo exhibition at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts from ACT alumna Marisa Morán Jahn SM ’07 brings together Asian, African, and Greek rituals and dramaturgy masks as influences to explore how we see ourselves reflected—or distorted—in others. Exhibition on view through December 9. 

Reconsider the way you live. Get more time for what you love.
DUSP alum Nayana Mawilmada MCP '00 challenges us to re-examine the way we live, and to be mindful of how these choices impact us, our familes, and the cities we live in. He outlines three choices that can give us a few years of our lives back and help redefine our cities in the process. TEDxKandy

Getting out in front of the discussion about the future of Cleveland
DUSP alum Malo Hutson PhD '06 specializes in how global climate change adversely impacts the poor in cities around the world. Hutson was recently the keynote speaker at “We Plan Cle,” a series of debates and public conversations organized by the Cleveland Chapter of the American Planning Association. In his talk, Hutson challenged the recent negative pronouncements for the City of Cleveland, highlighting the powerful opportunities for growth and civic engagement he sees in medium-sized, mid-continent cities.