SA+P Alumni in the Media: Week of August 5

Revisiting Pittsburgh’s era of big plans
Architecture alum Michael Kubo PhD ’18 (HTC) has co-authored a new book about the Steel City’s mid-20th-century transformation. Read an interview with the authors of “Imagining the Modern: Architecture and Urbanism of the Pittsburgh Renaissance.” City Lab.

Do negotiations offer a way forward on Mauna Kea?
Bruno Verdini SM '13, PhD '15 (DUSP) and Susan Podziba MCP '88 explore how negotiations might offer a strategy for resolving the Mauna Kea telescope construction dispute. Civil Beat.

Six feet wonder: The underground trend of turning your body to compost
With the trend of the green/natural burial taking root, ACT alumna Jae Rhim Lee SMVisS ’06 has invented the Infinity Burial Suit (aka the Mushroom Death Suit) to mitigate the toxic heavy metals your body has absorbed over a lifetime. The Big Smoke Australia.

Podcast: Innovation at the Edge
For Mass Cultural Council’s podcast, Media Lab’s David Sun Kong '01, SM '04, PD '08, PhD '08 (MAS) discusses his work introducing the human microbiome to the public through music. Kong shares how community biology labs around the world are creating an infrastructure to support residents who are excited about science to learn about biotechnology, life sciences, and engage in wonderful hands-on experiences. Creative Minds Out Loud.

The week in tech: What should your city do if it’s hit by ransomware?
Cybersecurity entrepreneur and DUSP alum Gregory Falco PhD ’18 offers advice. The New York Times.

Feeling time in space. How architecture is all about time.
In her thesis, “Space is the Now; Now is the Time!” Shokofeh Darbari SMArchS '19 studied the effects of lighting and shape on subjective time. Psychology Today

”Redemption Square" makes it to IRAN, DTLA, and Savannah
John Moody MCP ’16 and Lorraine Morland's film about Pershing Square recently premiered at the Shahr Film Festival in Tehran and at the LA Poverty Department's Skid Row History Museum. On September 9, see the film in Atlanta, Georgia, as part of AIA Georgia's Blueprint for Better event. Learn more.

SA+P alumni Phil Tinn MCP ’16 (DUSP) and Harpreet Sareen SM '17 (MAS) meet up in NYC.