SA+P Alumni in the Media: Week of Feb. 5

How do lawsuits grow our understanding of the risks and harms of new technologies?
Media Lab alumnus Nathan Matias SM '13, PhD '17 takes us on a tour of the American Museum of Tort Law, an impressive collection of horrifyingly irresponsible research and design, and entreats engineers and designers to acquaint themselves with tort law. Medium.  

Send love notes to your valentine anywhere in the world!
A “modern take on the love note,” Lovebox was created by Jean Gregoire PD ’15 PD ’16 (EECS, ARCH) while studying at MIT.  This high-tech box syncs with an app that sends the note, but the heart on the outside of the box spins when a note arrives. Spin the heart to send a love note back. Today.

Rwanda stadium
The Rwanda Cricket Stadium from Michael Ramage MArch ’06 is a finalist for the ArchDaily Sports Building of the Year. ArchDaily

Hackathon: Make the Breast Pump Not Suck
In April, Media Lab researchers and alumnae are producing a weekend with the leading innovators in breastfeeding and postpartum health. This year’s hackathon is focused on equity and inclusive innovation in breastfeeding, with an aim to catalyze the development of tech, products, spaces, clothing, programs, and services that have an eye on affordability and access as well as cultural diversity. Learn more and apply.

Will we be allowed to drink in self-driving cars?
MIT Media Lab postdoc Edmond Awad PD '17, SM '17 who researches the ethics of artificial intelligence, argues that “the answer hinges on whether the person driving the car will be considered the driver or a passenger. And this, basically, would depend on the type of car we end up with.” Popular Mechanics.

LittleBits is helping kids to become inventors
Leader in innovation and creativity, Ayah Bdeir SM ’06 (MAS) founder and CEO of littleBits talks about making engineering accessible to everyone with easy to use platform of electronic building blocks. Bloomberg Markets

Holograms are changing the way we interact with computers
Michael Bove '83, SM '85, PhD '89 weighs in on how we define holograms. Financial Times

World’s Largest 3D-Printed Lens Debuts at Times Square
A collaboration between design studio Aranda/Lasch and Marcelo Coehlo SM ’08, PhD ’13 (MAS), Window to the Heart’s 4,000-pound Fresnel lens that warps the light of Times Square, was 3D-printed by Media Lab spinoff Formlabs from Maxim Lobovsky SM ’11, Natan Linder SM ’11, PhD ’17, and David Cranor SM ’11. Window to the Heart is on view through Feb. 28. Metropolis Magazine.