SA+P Alumni in the Media: Week of February 11

Skylar Tibbits speaks to NYC alumni
At a March 12 gathering, Skylar Tibbits SM ’10 (MAS), cofounder of the MIT Self-Assembly Lab and Assistant Professor of Design Research in MIT Architecture, will join fellow alumni to discuss his work and research. Learn more and register for the event sponsored by the MIT Club of NY and MITArchA.

Media Lab work honored by the 2018 World Technology Awards
The winners and finalists of the 2018 awards include MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces student Arnav Kapur, alum Ehsan Hoque PhD '13, and spinoff Affectiva. Learn more.

Landlords and coworking players dispute who's at risk in next downturn
EVP of Skanska USA and CRE alum Charley Leatherbee MSRED '04 weighs in on the potential impact of a Boston office market correction. Bisnow

Down to Earth
Danielle Wood ’05, SM ’08, PhD ’12 is profiled for her work as director of the MIT Media Lab's Space Enabled research group. She uses technology and designs from space to empower countries to achieve the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including ending extreme poverty and providing universal access to food, water, energy, and health care. Slice of MIT.

Intentional Public Disruptions
A free online course produced with support from Arts at MIT featuring DUSP’s Larry Susskind MCP '70, PhD '73 and B. Stephen Carpenter II examines ways of disrupting systems of oppression and increasing access to potable water in politically marginalized communities. Learn more and take the course.

Paranoid about tainted lettuce? There could be an app for that one day
Fadel Adib SM '13, PhD '17 talks to CBS This Morning about new research from the Media Lab’s Signal Kinetics Research group. Watch.