SA+P Alumni in the Media: Week of Jan. 8

A little hope for a homeless solution
Tiny MicroPad housing units from CRE alum Patrick Kennedy MSRED ’86 could provide a solution for homelessness. San Francisco Chronicle.

Scaling Up Impact in the Face of Crises
Through Nawaya Network, Zeina Saab MCP '09 is helping Lebanese and refugee young adults build income. Slice of MIT.

Design Miami/ 2017
Skylar Tibbits SM ’10 (MAS) and Marcelo Coelho SM '08, PhD '13 (MAS) showcased objects made with MIT Self Assembly Lab's new 3D "rapid liquid printing" process. Metropolis.  

Public Space? Lost and Found
Co-edited by Ann Lui SMArchS ’15, “Public Space? Lost and Found considers the role of aesthetic practices within the construction, identification, and critique of shared territories, ...” We make money not art

“Urban Innovation Dispatches”
DUSP PhD candidate Matthew Claudel MCP ’16 investigates three cities — Boston (United States), Aarhus (Denmark), and Reykjavik (Iceland) — and their new seaport redevelopments. Medium

You Don’t Need a Data Scientist, You Need a Data Culture
MIT Media Lab’s Rahul Bhargava SM ’02 (MAS) and Catherine D’Ignazio SM ’14 (MAS) share their latest thinking abut building a data culture, and how to overcome barriers you’re likely to run into. Medium.

Inventing the “Google” for predictive analytics
Endor from MIT Media Lab’s Sandy Pentland PhD ’82 and Yaniv Altshuler PD ’11 analyzes big data to answer plain-language business queries in minutes instead of months. MIT News.