SA+P Alumni in the Media: Week of July 10, 2017

Adam Savage’s ‘Tested’ visits the Center for Bits and Atoms
Adam Savage, the former host of ‘Mythbusters,’ took a tour of the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms for his website, Tested. He was guided by CBA founder Neil Gershenfeld and Media Lab alum and current post-doc Nadya Peek SM ’10 PhD ’16. See a video of the tour.

Chicago Public Library's redesign incorporates Learning Beautiful 
Learning Beautiful, co-founded by Kim Smith SM '17, is one of the first companies to emerge from the DesignX venture accelerator. Smith recently attended (see photos above) the reopening of the Thomas Hughes Children's Library in Chicago; the library incorporates Learning Beautiful's toys to teach computational thinking.

Innovation and technology talk from Marcel Botha SMArchS ’06
Last month, the MIT Architecture Alumni group, MITArchA, hosted a talk in New York City by Marcel Botha about his innovative design consultancy 10xBeta. Read a re-cap and see photos from the talk at MITArchA’s website

Wearable device reveals consumer emotions
Using wearable stress sensors, analytics, and other technologies, mPath, an MIT Media Lab spinout founded by Elliot Hedman PhD ’12, is able to pinpoint the exact moment consumers feel subconscious responses to products and experiences. Read about the startup at MIT News.