SA+P Alumni in the Media: Week of July 29

Terreform ONE wins 2019 Architizer A+ Award for the Monarch Sanctuary
Architecture alum Mitchell Joachim PhD ’06 and his consulting group Terreform ONE received a popular choice award in the Architizer A+ Awards for the Monarch Sanctuary, which enhances the urban environment of NYC through green technologies, while raising awareness of the Monarch butterfly of North America, a species at risk.

Writing the Future With Utopias
In an excerpt from his book, “The Future,” Media Lab alum Nick Montfort SM '98 (MAS) discusses how literary utopias can provoke our critical faculties and open our minds to imaginative — and transformative — ideas. Utopian fiction can be useful in pointing out how outrageous our current society is and encouraging us to think critically as we imagine a better society. They might also help us to expand the limits of what we consider possible. The MIT Press

No Sin in Cincinnati: Robert Mapplethorpe's Legacy
Through “6.13.89: The Canceling of the Mapplethorpe Exhibition,” organized by ACT alum and Corcoran Director Sanjit Sethi SMVisS ’02, the Corcoran School of Arts and Design reflects on a the highly publicized cancellation of an exhibit by photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, “The Perfect Moment,” in 1989 amid concerns that the display was inappropriate for visitors. Listen to an NPR feature that delves into what the 30-year-old controversy can tell us about the First Amendment today.  Read coverage in the Washington Post. On view through October 6, 2019. 

The best algorithms struggle to recognize black faces equally
The influential work of Media Lab PhD candidate Joy Buolamwini SM ’17 (MAS) is highlighted in a WIRED column focused on how algorithms don’t always see all faces equally clearly.  

Looking back at a Bauhaus artist who tried to bridge the gap between science and art
A new book from John R. Blakinger studies the life and ideas of Architecture’s Gyorgy Kepes (1906-2001), founder of the MIT Center of Advanced Visual Studies. The Washington Post

A new “university” for Instagram influencers aims to stop the spread of misinformation
Health start-up Seed, co-founded by Ara Katz, former Media Lab fellow is educating its influencers about its brand. The one-year-old California-based company, known for mail-order probiotic supplements, recently started requiring its promoters to pass an exam before endorsing its products as an attempt to foster “accountable influence” on social media. Quartz.