SA+P Alumni in the Media: Week of June 4

Jordan's new Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz
DUSP alum Omar al-Razzaz MCP ’87 was appointed the new Prime minister of Jordan. Al-Razzaz is a member of the SPURS international advisory board. He will deliver a keynote the SPURS 50th anniversary this fall. Reuters.

Arthur Jemison appointed Detroit’s Chief of Services and Infrastructure
Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has appointed DUSP alumnus Arthur Jemison MCP ’94 to the newly created position of Chief of Services and Infrastructure in a reorganization that will promote improved coordination between city departments. The Michigan Chronicle.

Technology and Its Impact on the Real Estate of Today and Tomorrow
At CREtech Atlanta, Center for Real Estate Head of Industry Relations Steve Weikal MCP '08, SM '08  interviews Matt Toner, Managing Director at CBRE. Watch.

Artist makes perfumes that smell like humans
Media Lab alumna Ani Liu SM ’17 missed her husband so much, she made a perfume that smells like him. Now she is using her gift with smell to help astronauts feel closer to Earth. Mashable.

MIT Venice: Brazilian pavilion receives press recognition
“Walls of Air” co-curated by alum Gabriel Kozlowski SM ’15 the Brazil Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia is featured in the list of top pavilions by Metropolis Magazine, the Guardian, and Elle Decor.

Who becomes an inventor? This Arkansas innovation hub is trying to spark a new generation    
At MIT, Chris Jones SM '03, PhD '16 led efforts to double minority enrollment in graduate programs. Now back home in Arkansas, he's on a mission to reduce barriers for low-income people, women and people of color toward becoming innovators, makers, thinkers and entrepreneurs. PBS.

Influencing others—when nobody is listening
Q&A with DUSP alumna Stacy Lennon ’95, MCP ’96 shares common negotiation builders to ensure your voice is heard. Slice of MIT.

Former VAP Director Dennis Adams Named a 2018 Guggenheim Fellow
Dennis Adams, Former Director of the Visual Arts Program was recently named one of the 173 Guggenheim Fellows this year. Adams is internationally recognized for his urban interventions, museum installations, performance videos, and art objects that reveal historical and political undercurrents in photography, cinema, public space and architecture. Learn more.

The Historian and the City Between Ibn Khaldun and al-Maqrizi
Watch video of the recent Gibb Lectures from AKPIA at MIT program head Nasser Rabbat PhD ’91 at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University.

You'll soon be able to get a 3D printed model of your brain
MechE alum Steven Keating SM '12, PhD '16 worked with the Media Lab’s Mediated Matter group and Harvard's Wyss Institute to develop bitmap-based 3D printing, allowing him to make a 3D model of his brain that preserved the medical data from his MRI. Engaget.