SA+P Alumni in the Media: Week of March 11

Meet Lydia Kallipoliti, special guest at Archinect Outpost
Building Technology alumna Lydia Kallipoliti SM ’04 is profiled in Archinect for her work leading up to her recent publication “The Architecture of Closed Worlds.”

Making Sierra Leone a hub for technology and innovation
“This is an equal co-partnership that is based on mutual respect, empathy, and a desire to change the world.” Sierra Leone's President Julius Maada Bio and Lab alum David Sengeh SM '12, PhD '16 visited MIT last week to discuss an ongoing collaboration with MIT and the MIT Media Lab. MIT News.
Why did Michael Rakowitz turn down the Whitney Biennial?
Artist and ACT alum Michael Rakowitz SMVisS ’98 speaks out on his decision to boycott the Whitney Biennial, blaming “toxic philanthropy” for his decision to say no to a spot in the exhibition. Art Newspaper.

Real estate sector is ripe for tech disruption
"Blockchain-based applications are in their early days in the real estate industry, but their potential for unlocking value are huge," Steve Weikal MCP, MSRED ’08 Tech Lead at the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab shares his insights an interview for RICS Magazine.

Women architects in Chicago history you should know
Two MIT Architecture alumnae Sophia Hayden Bennett, the first female architecture graduate from MIT and Marion Mahony Griffin, Illinois’ first licensed woman architect, are profiled as part of a list of four historic, trailblazing women architects who made their mark in Chicago. 

“Leaving a Secret Place”
In his performative text, “Leaving a Secret Place,” Raafat Majzoub SMACT '17 explores how to shift through transitions between the competing fictive worlds of the powerful and the marginalized. Learn more.
A path to ethical, socially-beneficial artificial intelligence
"Feeding 22 million children in a free and reduced lunch program is a big data problem…and it's the kind of computing I think we should do on inequality and poverty." Media Lab member and SoE alumna Megan Smith looks forward to more cross-disciplinary collaborations. MIT News.