SA+P Alumni in the Media: Week of May 22

Terms and conditions
“My work has always been less about democracy and more about making common. It’s a little bit like how clean air is not necessarily trying to democratize air; it’s trying to make it clean for everybody.” Architecture alum and Media Lab Founder Nicholas Negroponte BArch ’66, MArch ’66 talks to e-flux about the Architecture Machines Group, the early entanglement between computer science and architecture, and more. Read the full interview.

Documenting the closure of a controversial exhibit
The Corcoran School of Arts and Design will shed light on the highly publicized cancellation of an exhibit from 30 years ago. Organized by ACT alum and Corcoran Director Sanjit Sethi SMVisS ’02, “6.13.89: The Canceling of the Mapplethorpe Exhibition,” will examine Corcoran’s decision to close photographer Robert Mapplethorpe’s exhibit, “The Perfect Moment,” in 1989 amid concerns that the display was inappropriate for visitors. The GW Hatchet.

“Agriculture is turning from atoms into bits”
On BNN Bloomberg’s Power Shift, Architecture alum Caleb Harper March ’14 talks about how machine learning can help improve the flavor of basil and other plants, and why his Open Agriculture Initiative is committed to open source. 

Five innovative ways cities are improving life for seniors
MITdesignX startup Nesterly, founded by Rachel Goor MCP ’17, Dennis Harvey MCP ’17, and Noelle Marcus MCP ’17, is recognized by the Wall Street Journal as an innovation improving the lives of city residents of all ages.