SA+P Alumni in the Media: Week of Nov. 27

“Windows of History” at Haas-Lilienthal House
A new project from ACT alum Ben Wood SMVisS'07, “Windows of History: The Haas-Lilienthal Family" depicts the lives of three generations of the Haas-Lilienthal family through digital projections in the home's bay windows. Wood specializes in highlighting unique architecture and human stories throughout the city using photographs and film. Learn more at NBC Bay Area, SF Chronicle, SF Gate, and Hoodline.

Recycling air pollution to make art
A new technology from alum Anirudh Sharma SM ’14 (MAS) and his MIT Media Lab spinoff Graviky Labs captures particle matter from diesel exhaust and turns it into inks and paints. MIT News.

“Window to the Heart”
Media Lab alum Marcelo Coelho SM ’08, PhD ’13 (MAS) and Aranda\Lasch have won the 2018 Times Square Valentine Heart Design competition, an annual event that brings a love-themed sculpture to the Crossroads of the World. Leveraging 3D printing to capture the Instagram zeitgeist, the project team collaborated with Formlabs to design a 12-foot-wide 3D-printed Fresnel lens from transparent resin to collect and morph Times Square’s lights through a central, heart-shaped aperture. The Architect’s Newspaper

The Airbnb for affordable housing is here
A new platform that pairs older homeowners with young renters, is riding a wave of interest in multigenerational living. Nesterly, from Noelle Marcus MCP ’17 and Rachel Goor MCP ’17 is solving two Boston housing crises in one go. Fast Company.

City Science work honored for 10 years of impact
Alum Emmanuel Tapia SM ’03, PhD ’08 (MAS) City Science head Kent Larson, and their coauthors received an ISWC 10-Year Impact Award at UbiComp 2017 for their 2007 paper, “Real-Time Recognition of Physical Activities and Their Intensities Using Wireless Accelerometers and a Heart Rate Monitor.” This award recognizes the paper that has had the greatest impact over the previous decade. Learn more.

Making the body sing
“How do we move beyond technical diversity and bring in cultural, creative, socio-economic diversity?" David Kong ’01, SM ’04, PhD ’08 (MAS), head of the MIT Media Lab's Community Biotechnology initiative, talks about Biota Beats, a project that creates microbial music from the human body. Slice of MIT.