SA+P Alumni in the Media: Week of November 5

Alumni books podcast: “Claiming the State”
Gabrielle Kruks-Wisner MCP '06, PhD '13, assistant professor at University of Virginia and author of “Claiming the State: Active Citizenship and Social Welfare in Rural India” (Cambridge University Press, 2018) discusses her research in an interview with Slice of MIT.

Transforming a rough childhood in rural Louisiana into a graphic novel
Media Lab alum transgender artist L. Nichols ’05, SM ’07 looks at MIT’s powerful influence on his life and art. Join Nichols on Tuesday, November 27 at the MIT Wiesner Student Art Gallery for a reading of his new work “Flocks,” an autobiographical graphic novel. Learn more

Tiny houses multiply amid big issues as communities tackle homelessness
"If you’re living in a tent on the street by yourself, with all your belongings, you’re not going to move into a shelter..." Sharon Lee MAR ’81, MCP ’81 on how tiny houses address homelessness. Washington Post.

Video conferencing sucks. Could “augmented” meetings replace it?
Spatial, a new startup from Media Lab alum Jinha Lee SM '11, has big ideas about remote work through AR-enhanced collaboration. Fast Company

Recovering the (lost) art of civility
DUSP alum David Fairman PhD '98, managing director of the Consensus Building Institute and associate director of the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program, reflects on the divide in America today. The New York Times.

A modern Prometheus
Media Lab alumni Casey Reas SM '01  and Ben Fry SM '00, PD '04, PhD '04 walk through the history and philosophy of @ProcessingOrg, which grew out of their work at the Lab. Medium.

We tested Facebook’s ad screeners and some were too strict
“Platforms have good reasons to protect democracies from illegitimate attempts to influence voters. Those protections also have a cost.” Media Lab alum J. Nate Matias SM '13, PhD '17 and his collaborators discuss the results of a study on how companies screen ads for political content. The Atlantic.