SA+P Alumni in the Media: Week of Oct. 23

High Desert Test Sites 2017
For the 15th anniversary of this annual exhibition ACT alumna Sarah Witt SM ’11 and Bob Dornberger teamed up to build a permanent adobe bread oven at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center. Witt explains that the pair hope the gift will “build some sort of social and cultural infrastructure for north Joshua Tree,” so that future neighborhood gatherings can utilize the bread oven “as a centerpiece to bring people together.” The launch of the project featured a community lunch made with ingredients foraged from the desert landscape, part of Witt’s ongoing High Desert Test Kitchen project. Desert Sun.

Arianna Salazar MCP ’16 was named one of the 35 under 35 Innovators in Latin America. The Analytics Lead at MIT DesignX startup Bitsence, Salazar is currently pursuing her PhD in Urban Information Systems at MIT. Technology Review.

The ‘poisonous dynamic among white people’ over who’s to blame for racism
Joan C. Williams MCP ’80 offers a twist in conventional wisdom around racial politics in the U.S. in a recent podcast interview about her new book “White Working Class: Overcoming Class Cluelessness in America” for the Washington Post.

Mars City Living–Designing for the Red Planet
The “Redwood Forest" project from Architecture's Caitlin Mueller ’07, SM ’14, PhD ’14, Alpha Arsano SM ’17 and their interdisciplinary MIT team took first place in the Mars City Design 2017, an international competition focused on sustainable cities on Mars to be built in the next century. Slice of MIT.

How “Real Estate Fracking” Is Leaving Its Mark
An IREM Global Summit panel led by CRE's Steve Weikal MCP ’08 explored what real estate can learn from some well-known disruptors. Weikal encourages real estate entrepreneurs to look to technological and cultural shifts for real estate fracking opportunities within the sharing economy. GlobeSt.

Tech + Community = Better Connections
As MIT’s Kendall Square Initiative begins, coUrbanize from Karin Brandt MCP ’10 and David Quinn SM ’08, PhD ’12 connects developers and communities through a project-based community engagement website. Slice of MIT.

Photo of the Week
One of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites as photographed by Media Lab alum Ayush Bhandari SM ’14 is this week’s featured photo on Slice of MIT. The archaeological site of Meroë, located on the east bank of the Nile, is the seat of more than two hundred pyramids.

The Most Influential Urbanists
Renowned urban planner Kevin Lynch ’47 (BCP), was named to Planetizen’s list of 100 people that have had the most influence on the places and environments that we call home. Author of The Image of the City (1960), wherein Lynch posited a theory of paths, edges, districts, nodes, and landmarks that is referenced implicitly or explicitly in many planning and design efforts of the current day.

To Rebuild American Communities, Help Them Help Themselves
Valuable lessons about how to help struggling communities to help themselves are drawn from MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte ’66, MArch ’66 and his One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) enterprise. Designed to produce durable laptops cheap enough to be purchased in bulk and delivered to every corner of the globe, OLPC promised to usher future generations into the information age. Forbes.

Philip Johnson House: Town and Country
On Thursday, Nov. 2, from 6 to 7:30 pm, Hilary Lewis SMarchS ’88 will present “Philip Johnson: Town and Country.” Lewis is Chief Curator and Creative Director of The Glass House, the former home of American architect Philip Johnson (1906-2005) and a site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The event is part of the Westport Historical Society’s exhibit, 06880+50, which examines the architecture of the town. Hamlet Hub.