Professors Andrew Scott and Adèle Naudé Santos review a student's work. Photo: Judith M. Daniels/SA+P

The school employs a faculty of over 130 people, with a faculty-to-student ratio of roughly one-to-seven. Their interests reach into nearly every domain of design activity, including:

The Built Environment
design; building technology; housing + real estate

The Social Environment
public policy + governance; regional + international development; urban + community development; environmental sustainability

The Intellectual Environment
art; history + theory; learning + cognition

The Virtual Environment
design + computation; interactive media

Their expertise ranges from the ecology of construction and ubiquitous computing environments to community psychology, artificial intelligence, commercial mortgage credit risk, performance art, housing economics, Islamic art and architecture, wearable computers, urban social theory, landscape photography and biomimetic robots. Just for starters.

They repeatedly win impressive numbers of awards for their work and regularly publish books that expand the boundaries of their disciplines. They also consistently win prestigious prizes for their contributions to teaching.

For lists of current faculty, consult the appropriate division: