Lateral Studios


Over the span of the next academic year, SA+P will invite artists and intellectuals of various stripes to host a one-day Master Class. No expertise is required to participate. In fact, just the opposite. Try something different, stretch your imagination, expand your lateral interests, or just have fun and get to know students from across the School. There are no grades, but bring your enthusiasm, intensity and collegiality.

The events will fall on Saturdays. They will start at 9 and end around 3 pm for a common presentation of the work, with lunch and all necessary materials provided. Participation will be restricted to students affiliated with SA+P, and to about 12 people, so sign up early!

Spring Schedule 

February 21: Dance/Light Lateral Studio with Richard Colton, in collaboration with Abigail Donovan, Tom Hughes, and Jared Green 

April 25: Glass Structures Lateral Studio with Diablo Glass School

Fall Schedule

September 20: Performance Lateral Studio with Coco Fusco

October 25: Bamboo Structures Lateral Studio with Simón Vélez

November 1: Color Lateral Studio with William Miller

November 15: Urban Poetry Lateral Studio with Nick Montfort


The Lateral Studios are hosted by Professor Mark Jarzombek.
The Project Leader is Ana María León, if you have any questions send her an email.