Cryptography techniques to screen synthetic DNA could help prevent the creation of dangerous pathogens, argues Media Lab's Kevin Esvelt.
Taming “information hazards” in synthetic biology research
Historian, curator, and designer studies architects and their quest to make a better world.
Ana Miljacki: Scholar of designers and dreamers
Historic building would create “design hub” for MIT, with benefits for surrounding community
Metropolitan Storage Warehouse is potential new location for School of Architecture and Planning
Corporations and nonprofits are applying the popular MIT online tool to shape policy and set wages.
Putting the Living Wage Calculator into action
By making hydrophobic sections water-soluble, researchers at the Center for Bits and Atoms hope to learn more about protein structures.
Scientists alter membrane proteins to make them easier to study
Interdisciplinary undergraduate program combines urban planning and computer science
MIT faculty approves new urban science major
MIT class designs a prototype building to demonstrate that even huge buildings can be built primarily with wood.
Mass timber: Thinking big about sustainable construction
In a novel system developed by MIT researchers, underwater sonar signals cause vibrations that can be decoded by an airborne receiver.
Wireless communication breaks through water-air barrier
Machine-learning system determines the fewest, smallest doses that could still shrink brain tumors.
Artificial intelligence model “learns” from patient data to make cancer treatment less toxic
Technique can capture a scene at multiple depths with one shutter click — no zoom lens needed.
Novel optics for ultrafast cameras create new possibilities for imaging
Yoon, professor and head of the Department of Architecture at MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning, has been appointed the Gale and Ira Drukier Dean of the College of Architecture, Art and Planning at Cornell University.
J. Meejin Yoon named dean of Cornell University College of Architecture, Art and Planning
MIT Media Lab and MIT Press announce winners of the Journal of Design and Science essay competition.
Reveling in a complex, unknowable future
Siqi Zheng studies the economics of China’s urban explosion
The city is her lab
Architect and urban designer brings to the role decades of global expertise on the transformation of cities
Dennis Frenchman named head of the MIT Center for Real Estate
Artist and scholar cited for her “immeasurable impact” in pioneering the integration of performance art and new media
MIT Professor Emerita Joan Jonas receives the 2018 Kyoto Prize
School of Architecture and Planning professors receive national recognition for excellence, innovation, and impact through design
Spirn, Oxman win Cooper Hewitt design awards
Exhibitions tackle global questions with research-based approaches.
MIT alumni curate pavilions at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale
New technology could enable remote control of drug delivery, sensing, and other medical applications
Wireless system can power devices inside the body
New dispatching approach could cut the number of cars on the road while meeting rider demand
How many taxis does a city need?
New study describes first human implementation of novel approach to limb amputation
Surgical technique improves sensation, control of prosthetic limb
Ten teams will collaborate with local partners, pilot solutions to urban challenges.
China Venture Workshop announces first cohort
Architecture alumna Sharon Lee MArch '81, MCP '81 thinks small to address Seattle’s growing homelessness crisis.
Featured video: How tiny houses solve a huge problem
Award honors top collegiate inventors in the United States
Two Media Lab graduate students awarded Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for Invention
SA+P recognizes staff that have made exceptional contributions to their academic units, the school, and the Institute.
2018 Infinite Mile Awards
New cohort brings social, scientific, and creative experience to extend the lab’s reach beyond academia
MIT Media Lab Director's Fellows announced for 2018
Researchers design 3-D-printed, driverless boats that can provide transport and self-assemble into other floating structures
Fleet of autonomous boats could service some cities, reducing road traffic
Faculty, students, alumni contribute as curators and exhibitors at the world’s premiere forum for architecture and design.
MIT returns to the Venice Architecture Biennale
QS World University Rankings place MIT No. 1 in 12 of 48 subject areas
MIT named No. 1 university worldwide for architecture/built environment, No. 4 for art and design
SPURS Fellows serve as agents of change in international development.
Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies celebrates 50th anniversary
Electrodes on the face and jaw pick up otherwise undetectable neuromuscular signals triggered by internal verbalizations.
Computer system transcribes words users “speak silently”
With a new multimedia website, landscape architecture professor Anne Whiston Spirn makes a secret garden public and explores how ideas create form.
Garden of ideas
Research project finds humans, not bots, are primarily responsible for spread of misleading information.
Study: On Twitter, false news travels faster than true stories
The collection features groundbreaking projects from pioneers working at the intersection of art, science, and technology.
Digital archive showcases work from the Center for Advanced Visual Studies
As construction begins on the next-generation Vassar Street home for MIT undergraduates, lead designer and Architecture lecturer Michael Maltzan shares his aspirations for the building.
Construction begins on a new student residence on Vassar Street
Learn more about the SA+P community’s commitment to building a better world.
The MIT Campaign for a Better World