Supported by a $100 million founding gift, the academy will deepen the integration of design across the Institute and beyond.
MIT Morningside Academy for Design created as a new hub for cross-disciplinary education, research, and innovation
A project with the Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism is changing the model for how cities address civic growth, community engagement, equitable climate resilience, and environmental justice.
Finding common ground in Malden
MIT’s design minor and major programs give rise to polymath students with design skills they can apply to any field.
Design in a major key
We seem to be wired to calculate not the shortest path but the “pointiest” one, facing us toward our destination as much as possible.
How the brain navigates cities
Graduate student Lucy Du designs novel prosthetics and seeks to inspire other students.
Making her way through MIT
Transmedia Storytelling researcher seeks to draw people together
An ambitious vision for the virtual world
A new book from the MIT Future Heritage Lab goes inside a Syrian refugee camp to uncover the creative lives of its inhabitants.
Ingenuity, design, and human spirit