Supported by a $100 million founding gift, the academy will deepen the integration of design across the Institute and beyond.
MIT Morningside Academy for Design created as a new hub for cross-disciplinary education, research, and innovation
Department of Architecture doctoral candidate Lavender Tessmer has advanced the process to produce textiles that can be individually customized.
Fabric + form = a mask that uniquely fits your face
Researchers address issues of the 150 million people worldwide who will be forced to uproot due to climate change in the next 30 years
MIT's Leventhal Center explores how communities can weather relocation
The MIT Mobility Initiative welcomes five inaugural industry members to advance safe, clean, and inclusive mobility.
A global resource for better transportation systems
Graduate student Justin Brazier lends his design skills to community projects in the Greater Boston neighborhoods where he grew up.
Your friendly neighborhood architect
A study shows that yeast, an abundant waste product from breweries, can filter out even trace amounts of lead.
Could used beer yeast be the solution to heavy metal contamination in water?
Senior Ibuki Iwasaki seeks creative ways to design technology that considers the human user.
Merging design, tech, and cognitive science
We seem to be wired to calculate not the shortest path but the “pointiest” one, facing us toward our destination as much as possible.
How the brain navigates cities