Alain Levy

Alain Levy is a civil engineer who holds an MS from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and an MS from MIT’s Technology and Policy Program (1987). Beginning as a commodity trader (sugar, cocoa) with Sucden, he subsequently founded several digital companies that have an international presence (United States, Latin America, Europe, Russia) in the areas of cloud computing, data, natural language processing, and Blockchain. 

Mr. Levy is CEO of Weborama, a publicly traded company that helps data-driven marketers to ignite growth by leveraging consumer  knowledge, using semantic AI.

He is also General Partner at Ycor, a company with a focus on the future of interactions between companies and citizens. Mr. Levy is the author of the 2010 volume Sur les Traces de Big Brother (Tracking Big Brother), analyzing the future of privacy in the digital era.