José Miguel Bejos

José Miguel Bejos is the Vice President for Grupo PRODI, in Mexico. A graduate of Universidad Anáhuac, Bejos became Vice President of Compañía lnversora Corporativa (CIC), the Mexican holding company founded by his family two generations ago and composed of operations in sectors such as construction, outdoor advertising, mass transit operations, aeronautics, and marine activities.

Among his showcase accomplishments during his time at CIC is the design and construction of the Mexipuerto Ciudad Azteca, the first high-quality transit-oriented development in Mexico. The project was undertaken in partnership with lmpulsora del Desarrollo y Empleo en América Latina (IDEAL) of Grupo Carso. This project marked a new standard in the development of transportation infrastructure designed with the passenger in mind.

Grupo Promotor de Desarrollo e lnfraestructura (Grupo PRODI) was created to incorporate the expanded activities of the conglomerate, where Mr. Bejos has presided in a role of leadership since its inception four years ago. Grupo PRODI continues the original vision of CIC, providing comprehensive services for the design and construction of medium- and large-scale infrastructure projects with presence in various states of the Mexican Republic. Grupo PRODI, in partnership with Shaw Group, has financed and built petroleum production platforms at the Lobina site for the Mexican oil monopoly, Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX). Among Grupo PRODI's previous clients are: the Mexican Federal Government, various state governments, PEMEX, Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), and various private sector clients.

In the outdoor advertising industry, Mr. Bejos is a founding partner of lmágenes y Muebles Urbanos (IMU), where he holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors. IMU is an outdoor furniture company that services Mexico's largest city with more than 20,000 advertising podiums, benches, etc. IMU also operates publicity installations in 15 other Mexican cities. As a member of the Board of Directors of Grupo Mexicano de Aeronáutica (GMA), which includes companies such as Bell Helicopter Mexico and Servicio Técnico Aéreo México (STAM), Mr. Bejos has achieved market leadership in rotary wing transport, carrying more than 1.5 million passengers annually, with operations in five Mexican cities.